FQRD June 94: Demonstration against
Buscaroli's homophobic words

Il signore Buscaroli, a neo-fascist (MSI) candidate to the European Parliament has very peculiar ideas about us, gay-bi-lesbians. He declared that the use of a polite word like 'gay' is typically communist, and that the right words are: 'checche' and 'froci' (very derogatory terms). He also declared that he would like to see all of us locked up in a concentration camp.

In order to protest against the homophobic words of the Italian MSI candidate, a demonstration was organized Monday, June the 6th, called by the Centre Gai et Lesbien, Homosexualités et Socialisme, Gais et Lesbiennes chez les Verts and Act Up. The meeting point was in front of the Italian embassy, rue de Varennes at 6:30pm. The part of the street giving access to the Italian embassy was forbidden. The police closed both accesses of the street with barriers and twenty policemen. So the meeting point was moved as close as the French antiriot forces allowed them to, to the corner of the two following streets: Varennes and Bac.

Less than 200 demonstrators showed up for a sit-in by the Italian Embassy. There they were singing and shouting slogans:

- déportation homo, on a deja donné (homosexual deportation, already done)
- déportation, 50 ans après, ca recommence,
- Berlusconi fasciste,

A small delegation (3 people) was received by a secretary at the embassy. He promised to forward our request to the italian authorities. Coming back from the embassy, a speech was made by Stéphane Martinet, President of Homosexualités et Socialisme.

The demonstration lasted two hours, and was peacefull; no media were present, excepted RAGE-FG98.2 and a few gay papers.

See also 3. Keller (2), p.24.

Photographs (C) 1994 - René Lalement

A report

It is not to be neglected that the French activist budding/reviving hard core, which is deplorably small and still needs some structure and wider support, is on the verge of being worn out by all the demonstrations that have taken place and will take place this spring, including the Pride Week. Therefore, from a strategic viewpoint, long-standing battles will be dealt with later this year. Furthermore, a forthcoming demonstration against the Italian neofascism was regarded as a test to quick (one-week) mobilisation. This demonstration was called for by L/G groups and a few leftwing and green parties on a highly symbolic date, 6th June -in the midst of 25th anniversary of the Normandy landing on D Day. In actual fact, it has been eclipsed by the official celebrations, thereby making the results of the test rather moderate.


Copyright Gais et Lesbiennes Branchs, (C) 1995
Photographs (C) 1994 - René Lalement

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